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what you read when you don’t have to, determines what you will be when you can’t help it

Charles Francis Potter

I still vividly remember reading as a child, maybe 10 or 11 years old, that Bill Gates reads 50 books a year.

I wasn't very sociable as a kid, didn't have many friends (unless counting those made from words – I'm talking about you, Hermione Granger), so I had plenty of time to dive into the magical kingdom of reading. I once even read an entire book while sitting at Yom Haatzmaut ceremony at Mount Herzl as the grown-ups were busy with the Torch-lighting.

In the past few years, after what was essentially a hiatus from books. I've reconnected with my childhood hobby. This page serves as a reading list of highly recommend books I've read

Who knows, I might even update it regularly! (highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened.)

The End of Eddy: A Novel

Édouard Louis, 2017 // “She didn’t understand that her trajectory, what she would call her mistakes, fit in perfectly with a whole set of logical mechanisms that were practically laid down in advance and nonnegotiable. She didn’t realize that her family, her parents, her brothers and sisters, even her children, pretty much everyone in the village, had had the same problems, and what she called mistakes were, in fact, no more and no less than the perfect realization of the normal course of things."

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The Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany

Thomas Childers, 2017 // “no real table of organization or clear chain of command existed, even in key areas such as the economy or the police. At the top, the Third Reich resembled a medieval court, with loyal vassals jostling for Hitler’s favor but acting with surprising independence. Party and state agencies competed to interpret and implement the will of the Führer. Hitler rarely interceded and never committed himself to paper; orders were verbal, notoriously vague, and not infrequently contradictory. At every level of the state and party apparatus officials sought “to work toward the Führer,” but essentially operated on their own."

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Teddy Wayne, 2020 // “And what’s that term you used? ‘Termite art’?” “It basically means doing a lot within a narrow frame. Like a termite that’s eating away at its boundaries.” He looked thoughtful. “Or me in my basement room,” he said.

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The Martian

Andy Weir, 2011 // "I’m pretty much fucked. That’s my considered opinion. Fucked. Six days into what should be the greatest two months of my life, and it’s turned into a nightmare. I don’t even know who’ll read this."

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On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century

Timothy Snyder, 2017 // "What is truth? Sometimes people ask this question because they wish to do nothing. Generic cynicism makes us feel hip and alternative even as we slip along with our fellow citizens into a morass of indifference. It is your ability to discern facts that makes you an individual, and our collective trust in common knowledge that makes us a society"

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David McCullough, 2005 // “The year 1776, celebrated as the birth year of the nation and for the signing of the Declaration of Independence, was for those who carried the fight for independence forward a year of all-too-few victories, of sustained suffering, disease, hunger, desertion, cowardice, disillusionment, defeat, terrible discouragement, and fear, as they would never forget, but also of phenomenal courage and bedrock devotion to country, and that, too they would never forget.”

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