I've been involved in movements for change since eighth grade. Since then, I've had the privilege the be a leading partner in some of the most successful changes for equality & freedom in recent years, focusing on the LGBTQ+ community as a volunteer, board member & Chair of Jerusalem Open House.

In the past five years, I've developed a unique strategic toolkit that helped launch successful nonprofits, substantially grow and reinvigorate programs, and to support the work of genuinely amazing leaders, working tirelessly to make Israel better.
I'm now willing to take on new challenges and support a new group of current and future leaders.

Are you one of them?


strategic thinking​

A values-centric, communities-driven strategic toolkit for nonprofits and movements, looking to make, maintain, or better their long-term impact.

Media consulting

In a world of narratives, Media is still a uniquely powerful force. But if not managed smartly, it's usually not your ally.

I can help you discover, using my seven-year experience in spokesmanship, PR & content strategy, how to use the media for your cause - not be used by it.


The hidden LGBT history of Jerusalem; "July 30, 2015" - my personal story of turning tragedy to hope; How to mobilize a movement; Pride-production 101#; The present & future of the Queer Revolution, and other Talks.

Custom Workshops also (sometimes) available.

נאומים, מאמרים ושות'
ערן גלובוס

ה-30 ביולי – אתה נמצא כאן #2

"ה-30 ביולי" מתעד את 24 השעות של מצעד הגאווה והסובלנות בירושלים בקיץ 2015 שבו נרצחה שירה בנקי ז"ל מנקודת מבטי בהפקת המצעד // איורים מאת קרן כץ // מתוך מגזין המסעות "אתה נמצא כאן" #2, מרץ 2016

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